School of Architecture

The School of Architecture at ADYPU is a dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to nurturing the next generation of architects and design professionals. With a commitment to excellence in architectural education, the school provides a vibrant learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on experience. Our programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to address contemporary design challenges while also emphasizing sustainability and environmental consciousness. Through a combination of rigorous academic instruction, design studios, industry collaborations, and exposure to the latest technologies, our students are well-prepared to shape the future of architecture and design. The School of Architecture at ADYPU is not just an institution; it’s a vibrant community of aspiring architects and designers who are passionate about making a positive impact on the built environment.

Latest at ADYPU/SOA

On September 21, 2023, a captivating Ganapati Heritage Walk unfolded for the first-year B.Arch. students, orchestrated by Prof. Sheetal Tiwari and Prof. Aditi Garg. This insightful journey, guided by Ar. Nishigandha Sakhardande from Travia Outdoors, aimed to immerse students in Pune’s rich traditional culture, shedding light on the origins of the Ganesh Festival in the city and unraveling the historical significance of the 5 Manache Ganapati statues.


Explored Pune’s Rich Heritage

On September 13, 2023, the inaugural Archiventure 2023 Exhibition was meticulously organized by the new batch of first-year B. Arch students in Studio 23. The event welcomed Prof. Chandra Prasad Nallur, the Dean of the School of Design at Ajeenkya DY Patil university, as the Chief Guest for the inauguration.

Archiventure 2023

In a dynamic initiative, the School of Architecture organized a three-day studio exercise on October 19, 2023, as part of a professional elective, specifically tailored for first and second-year students. The central focus of this immersive experience was to familiarize students with vernacular architecture, placing emphasis on understanding its influence on daily life.

Architecture Elective Exhibition

School of Architecture Core features

Sustainable Design Focus

A distinct emphasis on sustainable and environmentally conscious design, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to address global environmental challenges through architecture.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Encouragement and support for cross-disciplinary collaboration, allowing students to engage with various fields, from engineering to social sciences, to develop innovative solutions.

Design Competitions Support

Active support for students to participate in design competitions, nurturing their creative talents and providing exposure on a national and international stage.

Community Engagement

Involvement in community projects that address real-world architectural and urban challenges, instilling a sense of social responsibility in students.

Cultural Sensitivity

An appreciation for cultural diversity and a focus on context-based design, ensuring that graduates create architecture that respects and reflects local culture and heritage.

Design Studios

State-of-the-art design studios that provide a collaborative and creative environment for students to explore and experiment with architectural concepts.


The School of Architecture at ADYPU is committed to facilitating strong career prospects for its students. With a blend of industry collaborations, internships, and a focus on building versatile design portfolios, graduates are well-prepared for diverse roles in architecture, urban planning, interior design, and more. The school’s global exposure and alumni network further enhance placement opportunities, ensuring that students are ready to embark on fulfilling careers in the field of architecture.

Diverse Career Paths in Design

  • Architectural Design: The most traditional path, involving designing and planning buildings and structures for various purposes.
  • Urban Planning: Focusing on city and regional planning, ensuring sustainable development and efficient land use.
  • Interior Design: Specializing in the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces, including homes, offices, and public venues.
  • Landscape Architecture: Designing outdoor spaces, parks, gardens, and green infrastructure to enhance the environment.
  • Sustainable Design: Addressing environmental concerns by creating eco-friendly, energy-efficient structures and systems.
  • Historic Preservation: Preserving and restoring historic buildings, ensuring their cultural and architectural significance endures.
  • Real Estate Development: Involvement in property development, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.
  • Construction Management: Overseeing construction projects, from planning to execution, ensuring they meet design specifications and budgets.
  • Academia and Research: Teaching at universities or engaging in architectural research to advance the field’s knowledge.
  • Specialized Areas: Pursuing niche career paths such as healthcare design, hospitality design, exhibition design, or set design for the entertainment industry.
  • Project Management: Managing architectural projects from initiation to completion, including coordination and stakeholder communication.
  • Government and Policy: Involvement in public policy, urban development, and regulations related to building and infrastructure.
  • Consulting: Providing expert advice on architectural and design-related issues to businesses and organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship: Starting an architectural firm or a design-related business.
  • International Opportunities: Exploring architectural roles and projects in diverse global locations.
What our Alumni Speaks

Shruti Bendale

MBA Fintech 2023

I joined the FinTech MBA program with high expectations, and it surpassed them in every way. The curriculum is thorough and perfectly suited to the fast-changing financial technology landscape. We get to tackle actual FinTech projects, boosting our experience and problem-solving abilities. This program is a career game-changer, equipping me with the knowledge and confidence to excel in the fast-paced FinTech world. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to impact this industry significantly.

What our Alumni Speaks

Pavani Putha

BBA - 2023

Enrolling in the MBA program was a vital step in my career journey. It expanded not only my knowledge of business strategies but also sharpened my analytical and critical thinking skills. I’m drawn to the Fintech discipline as it’s an innovative technology aiming to enhance and automate financial services in today’s times. The experienced faculty gave me valuable insights and mentorship, guiding me to excel in this course. As I graduate with my degree, I also carry confidence and a robust skill set. My growth and knowledge are owed to the enriching experience at this esteemed institution.

What our Alumni Speaks

Rahul Gopa

Computer Batch 2017-21

Studying at the Ajeenkya DY Patil University gives students an opportunity to learn from some of the best minds across industries. Our affiliations give you access to an impressive global network and a host of facilities, for a successful tomorrow.

What our Alumni Speaks

Gokul Menon

I would like to thank the Training and Placement cell of Ajeenkya D Y Patil University for helping me successfully get placed due to your constant efforts in bringing us opportunities from the industry. You have consistently supported us, boosting our morale and offering all the necessary help. I am grateful for being part of ADYPU, which has given me an excellent opportunity to work as a student placement coordinator.