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Are you seeking an architecture program that combines hands-on learning with an entrepreneurial edge? Our programs prepare you with the skills, leadership, and networks needed to kickstart a successful career.

At ADYPU School of Architecture, we teach you not just architecture but a blend of engineering, design, construction, city planning, environmental science, and sustainable engineering. In a world where urban planning and sustainability are vital, architects who can bring about transformation are highly sought after. Our teaching touches more than aesthetics by integrating nature and human needs to craft designs that fit seamlessly into their surroundings.

Our program connects these fields, showing you how they all come together in architecture, supporting you in your career path.

Our Vision

ADYPU’s School of Architecture (SOA), established in 2013, thrives in Pune’s urban dynamic setting and promotes creativity among its students. It has shaped architects who have influenced skylines and transformed the cityscape. With a decade of excellence, SOA exemplifies design’s transformative power.
Our renowned and experienced faculty guides students through intellectual exploration, instilling a profound understanding of architectural principles and practices.

Our Mission

In the dynamic realm of architecture, the ADYPU School of Architecture stands tall as an example of innovation and excellence. Since its inception, we have been committed to nurturing a community of passionate learners who are driven to shape the future of architecture. Our unique curricula, meticulously crafted by accomplished faculty, empower students to delve into the depths of architectural design, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the built environment.

At ADYPU School of Architecture, we believe in embracing diversity and inclusivity, cultivating a vibrant learning environment where creativity, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making flourish. We are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become visionary leaders in the architectural field.

Why ADYPU School of Architecture

Distinguishing ourselves from other institutions, we foster strong industry linkages, providing you with invaluable exposure to live and authentic projects across a range of sites. This hands-on approach immerses you in the practical realities of architecture, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Employability is at the heart of our architecture curriculum. We believe in shaping graduates who are not only academically sound but also industry-ready. Our courses equip you with the skills required for a successful career in architecture or related fields.

Our architecture courses begin by delving into the core themes of design, providing you with a solid foundation to develop your knowledge and expertise. This comprehensive approach ensures that you grasp the fundamental principles of architecture before embarking on more specialized areas of study.

Expand your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of architecture by participating in field trips abroad. These immersive experiences expose you to architectural practice in different historical and cultural contexts, broadening your perspective and enriching your architectural understanding.


Best Education Brand 2018-19 by Economic Times

Best Education Brand 2018-19 by Economic Times

Best Education Brand 2018-19 by Economic Times

Best Education Brand 2018-19 by Economic Times