Academic Culture at ADYPU: What Makes Us the Coolest University

Successful students know the value of learning ‘how things are done’ and what is important or valued in a new culture.

Ajeenky DY Patil University is an innovation university.

Our educational ambitions are reflected in a culture characterized by enthusiasm, drive and a commitment to bring newness in the programs. This ambitious academic culture is based on the universities expectations of its students and the courses dedicated to bringing out their best qualities.

We expect our students to have fully familiarized themselves with the nature of an academic education, to devote sufficient time to their studies, to take an active interest in the various activities organized by the University and to participate in a spirit of shared responsibility. This ambitious academic culture is further strengthened by means of reliable and realistic information and a strong culture of professionalism amongst lecturers.

So when we say we’re the #coolestuniversity, what do we mean?

Academic Partnership with edX

Ajeenkya DY Patil University has raised the bar of innovation in education yet again with the most coveted tie-up with edX, an online learning destination founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. With over 90 global partners including the most enviable Universities and institutions of the world, edX offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) that cover the entire gamut of a person’s knowledge and skill requirement.

Under the general education component of your education at ADYPU, you’ll have the option of choosing edX MOOCs as a part of your curriculum.

Innovation Factory:

Innovation is our ecosystem.

We want to empower you to become the agents of change. In here you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to compete in the economy of the future and make a positive impact on the world. To make our vision a reality, the Innovation Factory is our distinct offering.

It is a hub where students and peers from the industry come forth and solve the challenges of the industry as well as society at large. It is here where you’ll be encouraged to develop innovative products and services which positively enhance the quality of life of people. And all this is ably supported by our deemed faculty to develop new-age solutions, products or services to give you that competitive edge.

Standards-Based Curriculum:

Our curriculum is formulated to prepare professionals to learn from the theory and then put it to practice into the working world with maturity and ability.

Our bespoke competency-based curriculum is a benchmark against the internationally developed frameworks such as Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology (ABET, USA), Computing Science Accreditation Board (CSAB, USA), National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD, USA), and the Subject Benchmark Statements as provided by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), UK.

Customize Your Education:

What if you could shape your education path?

Yes, at ADYPU you’re free to choose your path and customize your education.

To start with, there are several options to choose from. Select the courses of your choice, or avail one of our international tie-ups to pursue a semester abroad. Along with the bachelor’s degree courses, you can also take extra courses during the summer term to pursue industry projects, internships or research.

From tailoring your degree to suit your interests, to taking a year abroad or in an industry; our ultimate aim is to offer you flexibility.

Teaching & Learning:

As one of the top universities in Pune, our world-class research staffs are making a real difference in the world. Education at ADYPU is about learning how to think. Our faculty encourages students to walk on their path of discovery. With a cohesive group of students per class, we encourage students to think critically and express themselves clearly.

Engaging pedagogy activities in terms of formal lectures, studios, laboratory experiments, team working, problem solving and experimentation are deployed. An active ‘hands on’ approach to learning is encouraged with workshops and projects, field trips and laboratory work.

T-Shaped Professional:

What is a T-shaped professional?

T-shaped individuals have both breadths in how to collaborate and innovate across disciplines and depth in specific areas of expertise. What makes T-shaped individuals so effective at what they do is that they are immensely empathetic, having a keen sense of other’s perspectives. A T-shaped professional can see through others’ eyes, walk in their shoes, listen actively, and create solutions that build on their ideas.

These qualities are essential in higher education where faculty and students at ADYPU continuously seek new ways to use technology to advance learning, collaborate on research, access information, and share knowledge.

It’s no surprise that ADYPU is widely known as the “Coolest University”, a reputation that extends worldwide. With its unique combination of IT-related education, design, research, and business in one place, we’ve established ourselves as a powerhouse of innovation. This dynamic environment not only provides an ideal setting for a practice-oriented, academic education but also excellent networking opportunities as well as attractive, internships and employment opportunities for our students.

So, ready to start your journey?