Careers in Commerce: Open the door to opportunities with a degree in commerce

Don’t follow the leader–become one.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of any business––financial decisions, marketing data, HR considerations. The range of career options you’ll find in the world of business is truly impressive.

Our commerce graduates launch careers in the local, national and international world of business in a wide range of industries including financial and insurance services, energy and resources, information management, and marketing and communications. Potential careers in commerce options include:

  • Chartered accountant
  • Business manager
  • Communications officer
  • Financial professional
  • Human resources manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing professional
  • Project manager

Career sectors for commerce graduates

Students, today, are proactively opting for the commerce stream, regardless of their academic standing. So, if you are looking to opt your stream after 12th, or have already opted for commerce, and are unsure of your career path, we present to you some of the exciting and lucrative career opportunities the Commerce stream holds.


The Banking, Financial services, and Insurance (BFSI) is an important sector that can further accelerate the growth of the country. Associated job roles in BFSI include insurance agent, Bank and Financial product sales executive, Equity product sales executive, Investment representative, and Stockbroker.

Retail Management-

Retail management has become one of the fastest growing careers in the industry with tremendous growth in the economy. Candidates with the retail management can start a career in supervisory, client communication, merchandise shipment, sales, management and administrative services. Retail management offers more than 2 million job opportunities across the globe.

Telecom Industry-

India has about 920 million telecom subscribers, adding about 12 million subscribers on monthly basis. So telecom is clearly one of the fastest growing industries in India. You can typically join the industry as a graduate engineer trainee. Thereafter, you can move to many different roles including project/operations management, product technical support, network management, solution architect and R&D engineer.

Real Estate-

While being a residential real estate agent is one of the most common career opportunities associated with the real estate industry, it is by no means the only one. With a commerce degree, you could be a real estate managing broker, commercial real estate agent, real estate investor, property manager, and more such roles.


Over the past decade, e-commerce firms have taken the market by storm. In e-commerce jobs, you may work in the following areas such as; Product marketing, Supply chain, Pricing and profit management, Customer acquisition, Cross selling, Up selling, Customer service and much more. With so many things to learn under one roof, working in this sector can be real fun and exciting.

In today’s times, career options are no longer limited. If you have the knack of it, you could explore the career boundaries in Hospitality, Logistics Management, IT, Research and Consultancy, and, Media and Entertainment.

Courses after 12th in commerce

So you’ve passed out HSC and now begin your golden period. The area of commerce is gigantic and it comes with a plethora of choices which diversifies after XII. What courses to choose from? Which course will best compliment my skills? These are some of the questions you need to figure out first. Luckily, we’ve scouted the courses you can do to amplify your career.

  • B.Com

    Students can go on to pursue M.COM or can become a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary.

  • Bachelor of Economics

    Bachelor of Economics is a three-year degree course which enables you to successfully enter multiple industries as a professional economist.

  • BMS

    Bachelor of Management Studies is a three-year undergraduate program for management studies. You can work in Marketing and Sales, Academic Institutions, Consultancies or as a Business Development Manager.

  • BBA

    Bachelor in Business Administration gives basic knowledge about finance, accounting and business management. This course is tailored to ensure that you graduate with an industry-relevant degree.

Studying Commerce AT ADYPU

Real-world experiences are at the heart of the Bachelor of Commerce. This degree develops your analytical, communication and problem-solving skills, providing you with a global perspective on business and preparing you to pursue a career within the business, government or not-for-profit sectors. Learn from leading academics, develop high-level industry networks and graduate with a degree that can take you anywhere in the world. ADYPU’s accredited School of Management celebrates strong links with the business community, allowing you insight into leading industry practice. Whether you’re hearing from an industry guest lecturer, attending a career event, receiving an industry-sponsored scholarship or attending an exclusive lunch with corporate executives, you can confidently apply your skills in real-world situations. And, with a multitude of student societies, you can attend professional development, networking and social events, all while taking part in a student-managed investment fund, leading a social entrepreneurship project or launching your own start-up enterprise.

As a Commerce graduate, you could work in numerous and varied roles from being an accountant, economist, and financial analyst, through to being an operations manager, marketer, and information systems specialist. You could become a manager, consultant, or your own boss.

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