School of Architecture Explored Pune’s Rich Heritage

On September 21, 2023, a captivating Ganapati Heritage Walk unfolded for the first-year B.Arch. students, orchestrated by Prof. Sheetal Tiwari and Prof. Aditi Garg. This insightful journey, guided by Ar. Nishigandha Sakhardande from Travia Outdoors, aimed to immerse students in Pune’s rich traditional culture, shedding light on the origins of the Ganesh Festival in the city and unraveling the historical significance of the 5 Manache Ganapati statues.

Led by knowledgeable guides, the students delved into the heart of Pune’s heritage, gaining a profound understanding of the cultural roots embedded in the city’s fabric. The Ganapati Heritage Walk provided an experiential learning opportunity, allowing participants to witness firsthand the historical and cultural tapestry of Pune.

As the students strolled through the city, Ar. Nishigandha Sakhardande shared captivating anecdotes, connecting the past and present. This immersive experience not only enriched their academic journey but also fostered a deeper appreciation for Pune’s cultural legacy. The Ganapati Heritage Walk successfully fulfilled its primary objective, offering the new B.Arch. students an engaging initiation into the vibrant cultural tapestry of Pune and the historical significance of the Ganesh Festival in shaping the city’s identity.