School of Architecture Hosts a Studio Exercise & Vernacular Architecture Elective Exhibition

In a dynamic initiative, the School of Architecture organized a three-day studio exercise on October 19, 2023, as part of a professional elective, specifically tailored for first and second-year students. The central focus of this immersive experience was to familiarize students with vernacular architecture, placing emphasis on understanding its influence on daily life.

The student body was methodically divided into 5-6 groups, with each group assigned a specific Indian state to delve into. The scope of exploration encompassed an in-depth study of how climate shapes local architecture, impacts lifestyle, and influences various cultural elements. The culmination of their efforts materialized in the form of intricate models that vividly portrayed not only architectural nuances but also clothing styles and cultural facets.

A key feature of the initiative was an exhibition held for the esteemed faculty of the D Y Patil School of Architecture. During this showcase, students assumed the role of presenters, elucidating their projects to the faculty members. The exhibition received an honorific touch with the presence of the Dean of the School of Architecture, Prof. Shubhada Chapekar, further elevating the significance of the event. This exercise not only served as an educational endeavor but also as a platform for students to showcase their creative endeavors in the realm of architecture and cultural studies.